Politically Incorrect Blog on Gay Marriage

Is it a coincidence that homosexual love is barren? It provides no fruitfulness, no life-bearing. Why? Because God designed sexuality to be fruitful, and only heterosexual couples can produce offspring. Even if you take the moral aspect out of homosexuality and just look at the science—it tells us about the law of biogenesis: “life comes […]

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The New Cultural Commandments

Since I began blogging, I’ve learned to get a “thick skin” because putting your ideas, opinions and convictions out there for anyone to see comes with a price—persecution. (Ouch. They didn’t tell me that as an undergrad.) But Jesus did tell us this, and He suffered persecution up close and personal. Jesus stood up against the […]

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The Castaways — Young, Black Men

Like most of you, I’ve struggled to find meaning in the chaos of rioting among black communities of late for the murder of their boys. I know, as a mother, I’d be feeling the same hurt, anger and desperation. But what about the fathers? This is, perhaps, where the problem is rooted.

Back in 1954, […]

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Today’s Social Revolution

Seems like every age has some kind of revolution. In the 1500s, it was a religious revolution, from Catholicism to Protestantism. In the following years, from the 1600s to the 1700s, it was a monarchial revolution; no longer Kings being the rulers. This naturally led to a revolution of liberty, roughly from the 1800s […]

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