Islam: 3 Reasons Why You Need to Know About it

Sadly, most of us know about the Islam religion from the tragic terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11… a day that has become infamous in U.S. history. Prior to that fateful day in September, I had not paid much attention to Islam. That religion did not seem to be a concern for me personally, so I was oblivious to what this belief system taught and practiced. 

That all changed twenty years ago when the unthinkable happened. Why would anyone fly airplanes into buildings full of working-class citizens? What the heck was that all about? 

Those questions screamed at us, the unsuspecting citizens of America who cried “Foul!” at such atrocities. What drives a person to do such things? Unbeknownst to us, apparently Islam drives some Muslims to commit such horrors because of what it ultimately teaches. 

What?! Then this is a terrible religion! No wonder this act of terrorism sparked the onslaught of the “New Atheists” (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett) who all wrote best-selling books, denouncing religion in general, without understanding the major differences in the world’s religious belief systems.

#1 Reason: Not all religions are the same!

And this is why we need to understand what those difference are because, as the saying goes, we should not “throw the baby out with the bathwater.” Not all religions are the same.

What does Islam believe, primarily? According to Women in Apologetics’ (WIA) Islam Specialist, Laura Powell, there are five primary aspects to the Islam faith:

  1. One God – an absolute singularity (not the triune God of the Christian faith)
  2. Mohammed – believed to be the last and final prophet
  3. Koran – believed to be God’s own words
  4. Salvation – by works
  5. Non-muslims – only those who profess Allah as God are created in the image of God; nonbelievers (or infidels) are to be killed

Point number five is the one that should greatly concern all non-Muslims, and one of the major reasons everyone should understand more about what Islam requires. Yet, Powell knows that many Muslims themselves are disgusted by violence. She points out that there are a variety of Islam sects believing different ways of interpreting the Koran, and said that most Muslims don’t even read it, instead relying on community leaders to teach them what is in their holy book.

#2 Reason: Islam is fastest growing religion in the world!

Currently, there are 1.9 billion followers or 24.9% of the world’s population, known as Muslims. Muslims make up a majority of the population in 51 countries. According to the Pew Research Center, Muslims will surpass Christians due to higher birth rates.

“In our lifetime, Islam could overtake Christianity.”

Laura Powell

Powell came to understand the Islam faith through a circuitous route. After attending Denver seminary, where she earned a Masters in Biblical studies and counseling in 2004, Powell was offered to oversee the training and counseling of missionaries all over the world through her husband’s connection at EMI (Engineering Ministries International). What started out as Bible studies to build up these missionaries in their faith while living in other cultures, turned into training those who would go into Muslim-dominated middle-eastern areas. Powell began to study Islam with a fierce determination to help these missionaries by studying the Koran and taking courses in this worldview. Eventually, Powell spent time training missionaries in Afghanistan. That is when she began seeing how Muslim women were treated and developed a care and concern for them. 

Laura and Scott Powell

But one event that really developed her heart for the Muslim people was during the 2015 refugee crisis. Powell’s husband, a civil engineer, was asked by Samaritan’s Purse to help during this crisis when thousands of Muslims fled to Greece. 

While her husband was there, he knew his wife was desperately needed there to assist with the Muslim women who made it to Greece. And so she joined him to assist the women, who, because of their culture, were hesitant to talk to men who were not their husbands. 

Mostly, she was at a refugee camp where Powell spent time talking and counseling those women. However, during a one-hour moment at the shore, Powell saw four rafts arrive: two with people alive and two with people who had perished. This traumatized her.

“Thousands of people were crossing the oceans on rafts,” she said. “Human traffickers were putting up to 60 people on rafts designed to hold 15, and people were drowning!” Those who made it across would often die from exposure, starved to death or died by other medically-related problems, Powell explained. Yet, it was this experience that God used to move her to a deep compassion for the Muslim people. And ever since, she’s been trying to help by becoming an expert in this religion. 

#3 Christians are called to share truth – Muslims often are not told the full truth

Sadly, many American Christians don’t know what the “Great Commission” is in Matthew 28:19. We are all called to “make disciples” by sharing the truth of who Jesus is and what we must do in response to that knowledge. So knowing that most Muslims don’t read the Koran themselves (because they are told they are not to read it in any other language than the original classical Arabic, which 80% of Muslims don’t speak today), they might not be aware of the apparent inconsistencies or violent calls to action. Powell said that there is diverse beliefs within Islam, and most Muslims are not violent terrorists. 

So, Powell has developed a course being offered through WIA called “Islam Foundations” where you can learn more about this fastest growing religion in order to share the truth with Muslims. In this course, Powell will teach you lines of argumentation to help Muslims recognize things like the “Islamic Dilemma.” This is where the Koran itself states that God inspired the Gospels and that they are perfectly preserved. Yet, Muslims are told that the New Testament is corrupted and believe Jesus never resurrected!

Here are some of the things you will learn in this course:

  1. Sources of truth
  2. Cultures – worldview issues
  3. Difference between religions
  4. Lines of reasoning
  5. Defending the Resurrection

This online course, which starts June 7, 2021 and runs though August 15, 2021, is only $25! In it, you will receive 20-video lessons (2 per week for 10-weeks), with a live weekly Zoom interactions with Powell. (Elsewhere this course could cost between $200-300!) You will be able to ask questions and interact with others in the class, too. Powell promised there is very little homework!

“Many Muslims are desperately seeking freedom,” Powell said. Maybe the Lord will use you to help them find freedom in Christ. Consider signing up today! Islam Foundations.


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