A Still, Sad Saturday

It’s a quiet Saturday afternoon. The clouds hide the sunshine, the neighborhood sounds are void of laughing children or lawn mowers. It is still, yet in the distance, a siren haunts the air, heavy with emergency, ominous and foreboding.

I find myself alone. My husband and son are off on a Boy Scouts campout, and […]

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The Heart of Sam; a gut-wrenching crisis

Today is a day when all you have are “Whys?” and your soul feels so heavy within you, it’s as if, in itself, it’s dragging your body around. I got some terrifying news this evening. A very dear friend’s son is having his heart removed tomorrow. It will be replaced with a mechanical one. He’s […]

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Re-Thinking “Having it All”— change your perception of success



I grew up in the 1970s, and remember a TV commercial selling “Enjoli” perfume that said, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, ever let you forget you’re a man…” This told me that I could have a career, come home and cook dinner for my family, […]

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I Matter… to Him

Sometimes I feel the weight of the world
When I peer into its past
And learn about those who
Have gone before me last

Pondering the mysteries of life
Of which we must contend
Counting my days get shorter
Knowing now this life will end

Growing old is just around the corner
Unlike the days of youth
When summers were forever
And love was intoxicating truth

Now […]

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The Privilege Set Before Me


I get the privilege of watching my son grow into a man. As I sit here, he sleeps on the couch besides me, as our cat naps on him. Deep, rhythmic breaths gently lift his chest up and down peacefullly—a chest that will soon have the sounds of a man’s voice, lowered by the […]

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