Erotic Liberty versus Religious Liberty

I never thought I’d live to see the day when erotic liberty trumped religious liberty in the United States of America. Those who fought for the right to religious freedom established this great nation —that was worth dying for! We threw off the shackles of a religion dictated by the State so we could worship God […]

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Experiencing the Love of God

I’ve been spending the past two years digging into the evidences for the Christian faith, learning Church doctrine and history. It’s all been great, but cannot compare to experiencing the love of God—nothing can compare to that. All the head knowledge in the world will never compare to the love of God! And you […]

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Redefining the Sexes in Public Schools: Are We Going Here?

We are redefining marriage, so why not redefine the two sexes? The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) is the official organization to distribute sportsmanship rules, and now has included rules for transgendered athletes, redefining what it means to be a boy or a girl in certain cases. Here is what the WIAA has termed its […]

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Why Do People Suffer from Adam’s Sin?

Eve bites the apple?

Why do people suffer for a sin Adam and Eve committed long ago? This is known as “original sin,” and there are some interesting theories theologians have come up with on how this happens. So, get your “thinking divinely” mind-set geared up for this one!

Original sin can be answered by determining the origin […]

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“Going Out” or “Dating”– what that means for Teens today

Today’s culture for teens is a lot harder to navigate than when I was a teen. Our society has fully embraced sexually as something to explore during your teen years, and it makes it extremely difficult for parents, like me, who try and teach their children that sexual exploration should happen between a married […]

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