Redefining the Sexes in Public Schools: Are We Going Here?

We are redefining marriage, so why not redefine the two sexes? The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) is the official organization to distribute sportsmanship rules, and now has included rules for transgendered athletes, redefining what it means to be a boy or a girl in certain cases. Here is what the WIAA has termed its new policy regarding kids who want to play on opposite sex teams because they identify better with that gender:

Asexual symbol?
Asexual symbol?

1. Female-to-Male who has started hormone therapy is only eligible for a male team

  1. Male-to-female must have one calendar year of testosterone suppression therapy to be eligible for a female team
  2. Hormone therapy does not violate performance enhancing supplement policy

In light of this new terminology, however, in another area on its website, the WIAA contradicts itself: “The best interests of both boys and girls in athletics seem to be served at this time by separate, comprehensive, comparable programs that are carefully organized and monitored to accommodate the interests and activities of both sexes.”¹

In our confused culture, the definition of two different sexes is being steadily redefined by medical intervention. No longer can a parent with traditional moral values trust that their child in a school setting will be sharing a locker room with the same sex, or go to the public restroom that is labeled ‘Girls’ that may allow boys to use it, or vice-a-versa.

Are we losing all common sense as a society? Are we going to snowball down this hill and rid ourselves of the “cumbersome” label of male and female—as if being a boy or a girl is a bad thing? Let’s all just become asexual, shall we? We’ll walk around the planet like some homogamous human creation that we seem to think is more “tolerant.”

Holy smokes, folks, if we sit back and let this happen, I tell you we deserve whatever we get. I am sorry if this offends some of you, but seriously? This is freaking lunacy! People that are struggling with their sexual identity need help to address their sexual wounds. It is possible to heal from such a disorder (please contact: I want to make clear that people with this issue should never be treated disrespectfully or with harm. That is not what I am advocating here. What I am saying is that we should not have the majority of society change its definition of male and female for a minority.

We cannot stay silent on issues that affect the majority of us who will be impacted by this change: our children. Stand up for what is right! Yes, we need to help those heal who struggle with these issues, but that doesn’t mean we need to change our entire way of living in society to blur the lines of male and female. We need to keep those lines in place otherwise certain chaos will ensue. For example, all kinds of bizarre legal issues could come up, like discrimination cases, allegations of sexual offenses, workplace issues, etc. This will not be good for society if we allow a redefinition of sexuality to happen. If we stay silent, we’ll have no room to complain. We will have to lie in the bed we made— male, female or “none of the above.”