How To Read the Bible Differently

Over the years, how you study the Bible should change as you mature in your faith. Here's how I read my Bible...

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Did the Gospel Writers ‘Embellish’ What They Witnessed?

Are the Gospels just "good old- fashioned lying and embellishment" as skeptics claim? Let's take a look...

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The “Zombies” of Matthew

How to better understand the Bible
Shortly after Jesus was killed by crucifixion, Matthew records a very strange reaction happening in chapter 27:52-53. Something akin to our modern-day zombie fascination occurred – dead bodies came out of their tombs and terrorized the city of Jerusalem! That imagery could have inspired an episode of the Walking […]

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The Desire of the Divine – why the Bible is inspired

The evidences for the inspiration of the scriptures may be plain for the eye of the believer to behold, but secular society does not grant the Bible its God-given authority. There is constant attack on the accuracy of the texts, and plenty of doubt about its inspiration. Secularists like to tell the public that […]

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What the Bible Says About Government

When was the last time you heard a Sunday sermon on the role of government from a Biblical perspective? I would assume it’s not on most preachers “Top Ten List of Topics to Preach” (if there were such a list).  I was impressed to learn, after reading Civil Government: a Biblical View by Robert […]

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