Loving Yourself

February is the “love” month, so my posts this month will be related to that theme.

“…To acquire wisdom is to love yourself; people who cherish understanding will prosper.”Proverbs 19:8 (NLT)

Western culture is all about loving yourself. But does our culture really know how to do this? The world seems to think self-indulgence is one […]

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Never Too Old to Bake a Blessing: the story of Grandma Muffin

We all tend to think bigger is better. There is a drive to get more followers on social media, more friends, a larger influence, etc. But what if that’s not really God’s way but the world’s way? What if people just let go of trying to one-up each other all the time and just […]

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Killing “Simply for the Novelty of It…”

Details of the horrific murder of Nicole, a 13-year old Virginia girl, are being revealed to the public in the slaying of this innocent child. Two college-aged teens are responsible. The 18-year-old boy probably enticed this gullible girl into an inappropriate relationship with him, and she was going to expose it. Reports say that the […]

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Who (or what) is Making Your Choices? Letting Others Think For Us

We’re all tempted to have others think for us because there are so many decisions to make daily, and it gets exhausting! The internet has exacerbated the problem. Making choices now is a lot like a crapshoot—you roll the dice, and hope for the best! The world we’ve created for ourselves has become a […]

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Millennials: the Changing Face of Future Believers

Millennials feel a huge disconnect from today’s traditional churches. The factors of access, alienation and authority are key reasons for a great exodus of youth from church. Let’s look at the changing face of future believers:

Today, there is unlimited access to other world-views because of the internet. Technology is fueling the rapid pace of […]

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