Millennials: the Changing Face of Future Believers

Millennials feel a huge disconnect from today’s traditional churches. The factors of access, alienation and authority are key reasons for a great exodus of youth from church. Let’s look at the changing face of future believers:

Today, there is unlimited access to other world-views because of the internet. Technology is fueling the rapid pace of […]

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Sex with Robots

The future of sex tourism is with robot prostitutes — seriously? Researchers explored how Amsterdam’s red-light district might operate by 2050, and decided android prostitutes will be the norm because they don’t transmit sexual disease or promote the sex-slave industry.
“Roxxxy,” the world’s first sex robot, was unveiled this year at the Las Vegas’ Adult […]

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Pornography will hurt you. Young men, and an ever-growing number of young women, have secret addictions to pornography. Mainstream culture is beginning to notice the detrimental effects pornography is having on society as a whole. It “objectifies” people.
What does that mean? It means you no longer see a person as a real human being—they […]

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