What is on your menu?
What is on your menu?

Pornography will hurt you. Young men, and an ever-growing number of young women, have secret addictions to pornography. Mainstream culture is beginning to notice the detrimental effects pornography is having on society as a whole. It “objectifies” people.

What does that mean? It means you no longer see a person as a real human being—they are simply an object to you. Porn leaves men unable to relate to real women, and women unable to meet the expectations of men.

The Telegraph wrote an insightful article that addressed many of the issues that a porn habit raises: “Pornography is a disconnection from what’s really in front of you. Rather than engaging with a unique individual and listening to what the other has to say, right at this moment, we put people in boxes with labels. We objectify each other.”

This creates “pornified sex” — not a relationship where trust has been established. The problem with pornography is that it completely rewires the way the brain behaves in a relationship. When pornography is viewed, endorphins are released to activate the pleasure centers of the brain. Traditionally, these pleasures centers were used to help strengthen and solidify a relationship, but pornography tricks these endorphins into being released without any relation to another human at all.

The brain slowly becomes rewired to think that relationships are nothing more than an opportunity to satisfy pleasure rather than building a true loving relationship.

This is not what we are created for, and in the end, pornography will leave you empty, lifeless, in shadows of shame. It’s a great plan of the “enemy of our souls” who lies, cheats and destroys. He is in his heyday, probably cackling at how he has fooled people into believing this is satisfying. It will NOT satisfy. It will destroy.

The quicker we get pornography out of our mainstream culture, the quicker our society can heal from pornography’s woes. But can this really happen? It’s like Pandora’s box—once it’s been opened, the disease has been released. True healing can only come from Jesus Christ Himself, one who can heal hearts, and set us on the path to right behavior. Don’t be afraid to confess your junk because the only way you can be set free of the hold porn has on you is to bring that darkness into the light. You have to reveal it. You have to humble yourself and ask God to heal you. Find a trusted friend, someone who won’t judge you, and tell them. Godly friends will fight the good fight with you, and be praying for your freedom to enjoy sex the way God intended—in a loving, trust-filled marital relationship with a real person, flawed as we all are, but trying to be all God wants us to be, not an object for our physical release.

–excerpts taken from a Net Nanny blog