Erotic Liberty versus Religious Liberty

iuI never thought I’d live to see the day when erotic liberty trumped religious liberty in the United States of America. Those who fought for the right to religious freedom established this great nation —that was worth dying for! We threw off the shackles of a religion dictated by the State so we could worship God freely, without any governmental strings attached. If our founding fathers were alive today, I wonder how they’d view the current conflict between religious freedom and sexual freedom. I don’t think they would have seen this coming…

Over two-thirds of the people in a recent poll believe employers with a religious objection to providing birth control on their health insurance plans should do so regardless of their religious convictions. But I wonder if those polled understood that the abortion pill is considered birth control? This pill, also called the morning after pill, automatically aborts any potential pregnancy right away that might have occurred from unprotected sex. So, what is the big deal? If an employer views abortion as murder and is forced by the government to pay for a health plan that covers it, this indirectly implicates the employer to the act of abortion.

Gay marriage also challenges those who hold to a Biblical definition of marriage between a male and a female. Will pastors be sued if they don’t agree to marry a gay couple? It’s possible.

The transgendered now desire to use public restroom facilities of the sex in which they identify. The girls’ and boys’ restrooms in all public places, including churches, are being targeted in this trend. Could churches face fines, or worse, if they don’t capitulate? Disagreeing with vogue sexuality is not tolerated. Yet, Christians are trying to obey what the Bible teaches about sex and gender. However, it appears the Church is loosing this battle against ‘erotic liberty’ even though the very country that was founded on religious freedom gave these people the freedom to be gay or transgendered (try being a gay person in a Muslim country – just sayin.’)

How the whole erotic liberty versus religious liberty fight will play out in our society is not clear… can we can find compromise? Christians who don’t support these behaviors doesn’t mean we hate or wish harm to anyone; it’s just that they are trying to live by what the read in the Bible about such things. Christians believe the Bible is clear on sexual behavior to be defined between a married man and woman. Are they not free to believe this?

Not to focus solely our homosexual behavior, Christians are also not supposed to fornicate (have sex before marriage). In addition, Christians believe that pregnancy should end in having a baby. Christians also believe that married people need to stay faithful. (Some Christians have violated these sexual morals, but it doesn’t mean they’re no longer true just because not everyone keeps them.)

Christian views on sexual morals don’t carry much weight in secular society today, but does that mean everyone must capitulate to society’s definition of sexual morality? When God’s laws are violated, there are bad consequences. The repercussions of breaking God’s law are real. Christians are called first to obey God’s laws, not the law of the land when it violates morality as it is described in the Bible.