Cold Case Christianity for Kids!

ccc4kidsI just received my copy of Cold Case Christianity for Kids, a book written by one of my Biola professors, J. (Jim) Warner Wallace, who spent decades in a career as a Cold Case Detective. The “cold-case” detective skills are some of the most difficult to harness because guys like Jim have to solve murders committed many years ago with little to no evidence, accept for the use of personal, eye-witness accounts. These testimonies are typically what Cold Case Detectives use to solve the crimes.

As an atheist, Jim got interested in taking the skills he used as a Cold Case Detective solving murders and apply them to the testimonies in the gospels. Were they valid? Could they be true? After careful analysis and in-depth research, Jim concluded the testimonies in the Bible about Jesus Christ were true. He became a Christian based on the evidence!

Since then, Jim has been serving in the ministry, from being a youth pastor to now being nationally- known as a Christian apologist/speaker, author, and associate professor at Biola University. He tells people he’s an evidentialist—one who believes in Jesus based on the truth of the evidences presented in the Bible. These are the same things Jim and his wife, Susie, are now sharing with kids. Susie co-authored this book with him, giving it a kid-friendly writing flair based on the original best-selling book, Cold Case Christianity, that Jim did a couple of years ago.

Even though I read his book for adults, I bought this one so I can use it to teach kids. They need to know why Christianity is true not based solely on their personal experiences with God, but also because it’s historically accurate and verifiable. Jim and Susie show how in this book! In addition, the website offers more activities and ways kids can earn a certificate of merit for investigating Jesus. Get the book for your children, your youth pastor or just to pass it out to children’s ministries wherever you attend church. It will be a blessing to anyone who reads it.