Bumper-sticker Theology

In many ways, this is exactly what apologists, teachers or pastors are up against in today’s culture—bumper-sticker theology. It seems everyone wants a quick fix to their problems, like slapping a bumper sticker on their car. “Give me a short quote that will answer my questions!” people demand. To perhaps “demand” them to dig a little […]

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Is God Justified in Allowing Evil?

Many Christians leave the faith due to a lack of understanding of the problem of evil. To prevent this from happening, we need to be reflective on whether or not God is justified in permitting evil.

I am just finishing up a summer session at Biola University in the Masters of Apologetics track on “Why God […]

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The Potential for Evil, or the Potential for Heroism?

I just finished reading The Boy on the Wooden Box to my son, who I homeschool in his 5th grade year. Interestingly enough, I’ve been simultaneously reading Ordinary Men for a class I’m taking on “Why God Allows Evil.” Both books deal with the Holocaust. The book I’m reading to Josh, however, deals with […]

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Evil Christians?

Skeptics often point their fingers at evil done by Christians to validate their belief that there is no God. The Crusades, witch hunts and racism have definitely left their scars on Christianity. It’s easy for skeptics to discard the Christian faith based on these horrific acts, but Dr. Clay Jones, associate professor at Biola […]

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