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How Not to Respond to Victims of Tragedy

Tragedies happen all the time. As of late, many have fallen victim to natural disasters. Because of the way some interpret the Old Testament, showing God’s judgement on places that were contrary to His laws, some Christians attempt to ‘explain away’ the problem of suffering in natural disasters as God’s judgment on sin. But […]

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Did Paul Really Mean Women are ‘Never’ to Teach Men?

When Paul wrote to Timothy about women in his new church in Ephesus, he restricted women to teach or have authority over men. Is this something that is supposed to endure for all time and all women?

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How the Irish Got Saved

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day is steeped in modern merry-making, but should be remembered for a very brave soul.

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FREE Children’s E-book on the Resurrection & DIY Craft…

Is the event of the Resurrection historically reliable? YES and these eggs will teach your kids how to defend it as a verifiable fact.

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Christianity Answers: “What is reality?”

by contributing writer, Sally Fam

The first question, what is real?

The Short Answer— “God and His kingdom.”

The Long Answer:

Dallas Willard, a Christian Philosopher and author (who is now in heaven), gave us Jesus’s response to this question. According to Willard, Jesus pointed out that God and His kingdom are our ultimate reality. 


What does Willard mean […]

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