I Marched — Here’s Why

This was not a political move on my part, but a move of compassion to march against the injustice of racism. Read more about my experience here:

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Conspiracy Theories: 5 tips to help evaluate claims

Conspiracy theories are circulating the internet today like whirlpools in the vast sea... here's how to know when you're being duped.

By |May 20th, 2020|blog|14 Comments

How To Read the Bible Differently

Over the years, how you study the Bible should change as you mature in your faith. Here's how I read my Bible...

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Christians Should be Leading the Environmental Movement – sources to help

Christians should be leading the environmental movement - the reason behind this & sources to help

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The Silent Sabbath: the day Jesus descended into Sheol

Why didn’t the Father raise Jesus from the dead right away? Why is there a day between?

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