The New Cultural Commandments

Since I began blogging, I’ve learned to get a “thick skin” because putting your ideas, opinions and convictions out there for anyone to see comes with a price—persecution. (Ouch. They didn’t tell me that as an undergrad.) But Jesus did tell us this, and He suffered persecution up close and personal. Jesus stood up against the […]

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The Castaways — Young, Black Men

Like most of you, I’ve struggled to find meaning in the chaos of rioting among black communities of late for the murder of their boys. I know, as a mother, I’d be feeling the same hurt, anger and desperation. But what about the fathers? This is, perhaps, where the problem is rooted.

Back in 1954, […]

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Today’s Social Revolution

A brief review of cultural change

Seems like every age has some kind of revolution. In the 1500s, it was a religious revolution, from Catholicism to Protestantism. In the following years, from the 1600s to the 1700s, it was a monarchial revolution; no longer Kings being the rulers. This naturally led to a revolution of […]

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