A Harrowing Mountain Climb – (part 3 final)

PART 3 – Climb for a Cause: the final quest

The porters got Drew down to safety two-hours before Karen, and he managed to stay awake the whole bumpy ride. When she finally got to the bottom, she looked for Drew—there he was looking great, eating and drinking. He was fine and no need to […]

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Praying for Physical Healing: Thinking Divinely in Action

Jesus healed people all the time in his ministry on earth, and then trained his disciples to do the same, and they did (Act. 5:14-16). The apostles were operating in such anointing, it was said that people brought their sick to be close to Peter so at least his shadow might fall on them! […]

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Has Story Chicago Lost its Soul?

Story 2014 (@storychicago) left me, a Christian creative, feeling perhaps this Story has lost its soul. The place that Story was to me no longer seems to exist.

In 2011, I attended Story and was inspired by other successful Christian artists, along with a few secular artists. This time, I doubt any speaker was Christian […]

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Stop Looking Inside for Your Identity — Look Out!

What if, to truly find our identities in Christ, we stop looking inward as much and find ourselves by looking outward? By participating in the greater good, the Body of Christ as a whole, in the bigger picture of God’s narrative, we find ourselves by where we fit in that Body of Christ — […]

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Practice Truth – 5 Practical Steps

To get good at anything, you’ve got to practice. Even truth has to be practiced! According to 1 John 1:6, we’d be “lying if we say we have fellowship with God but go on living in spiritual darkness; we are not practicing truth.” (NASB) I John continues by showing us how to practice truth.

Here […]

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