An Apologetics Conference Featuring All Women Presenters – yes, please!

There is still time to register! Use the promo code you see on this graphic to get a discount.

The theological field of apologetics is dominated by men. I speculate the reason for this is because apologetics is perceived as polemic, and some women are not into arguing or being perceived as too critical, etc. This perception is not wholly true. To know apologetics, or the reasons for why Christianity is true, does not mean you have to debate atheists or push your points on someone who is not open to listening. Knowing the evidences for behind the truth claims of Christianity firstly should be something all believers educate themselves on simply because it is important to know why you believe what you believe (see: 1 Peter 3:15.). It also can empower your own faith by keeping you steadfast when life’s challenges hit.

Why then have an apologetics conference featuring all women? From my perspective, it is because women handle apologetics a little differently. For me, personally, I am not one who wants to be in a debate with someone else or get too pushy. I simply like the truth, and I hopefully present it well to glorify God.

This is what I have seen other women apologists do — we approach the evidence for the faith winsomely, relationally and personally. For example, I tell stories from how I first became a Christian (which was purely subjective) to how I now know the objective truths behind what I believe. I have heard other women do similarly. We talk about our feelings and the facts, blending the two together beautifully. I am sure some men do the same, but there is something just a little gentler in a woman’s approach to apologetics, something a little more soft-edged and welcoming.

This is why I am so looking forward to the 5th Annual Women in Apologetics conference this year! Not only will I be able to listen to some fantastic speakers, I am privileged and honored to be a breakout speaker discussing one of my favorite apologetic topics – the historical evidence of the Gospels. I have a very personal connection to John’s Gospel, and if you attend my breakout session, you will hear that inspiring story!

So, consider this your invitation to a wonderful conference that will teach you why Christianity is true, with this year’s theme being “The Word Became Flesh,” June 9-11, in Boca Raton, Florida! (If you can’t attend personally, there are virtual options, too.) I hope to see you there, and if you do attend, I’d love to meet you!