Captive Car Conversations with Your Teen

Brief Moments of Planting Seeds of Faith

By Lisa Quintana

Driving my son to school recently, I mentioned how I wished he had a car. He’s a high school senior, and we gave him our old Ford which he drove for a few months before it finally died. Because Josh is saving up money for college, he decided not to buy another car for now.

I admire my son for his frugalness, but being driven to school by his mom must have been a bit embarrassing (at least that’s how I’d feel in his shoes). And that’s where I try to meet my teens – on a personal level in brief moments.

Use your drive time for God time…

During one of our short chats, I recalled the times that God has provided for Josh’s needs, including being accepted to the college of his choice and the few scholarships he has received. I said that God will continue to provide for his needs with a car, someday. He shook his head in agreement, saying how some people view God as a “cosmic vending machine,” which he didn’t think was a good understanding of God. Wow! He gets it, I thought.

I had a captive audience, daily in the car, with my son (who is usually not on his cell phone because it’s a short drive), and we had many friendly chats. I brought up things that he would be interested in, and tried to find common ground. I usually brought God into the conversation, desiring to leave my son with some encouraging thoughts as he began his school day. 

I know that I am planting seeds of faith in those captive car conversations, and I have already seen how God is making those seeds grow!

In a way, I am glad that my son chose not to buy another car, since the seasons that we had the short car rides together is now gone. He’s graduated high school, and will be leaving home soon, as he drives off into the future God has for him.

Take advantage of the time you have with your teens, and never underestimate those brief conversations about God, as “He makes everything beautiful in its time” (Ecc. 3:.11).


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