Christian Singles Living in a Sexual Fog

Fiorella_Mattheis_e_Flávio_Canto_002The idea that you should postpone sex until after your married is hardly practiced among Christian singles today. In a recent study conducted by, Christian singles between the ages of 18 to 59 were asked, “Would you have sex before marriage?” The response? Sixty-three percent of the single Christian respondents indicated yes. Surprisingly, women are just are prone to chuck their faith when it comes to this biblical advice.

A person who believes in a wise, sovereign and loving God who created them and all things, can also believe simultaneously He has nothing to do with their sex lives.

An identity rooted in Christ should manifest itself in intelligent and hope-filled sexual restraint based on God’s promises,” said Kenny Luck, founder of Every Man Ministries, men’s pastor at Saddleback Church.

Paul accurately forecasted a self-styled Christianity that reflected culture over the character of Christ in personal moral spaces and practice.  He goes on to encourage Timothy to “be serious about everything, endure hardship…” (2 Tim. 4:5). Hardship. Yeah. That’s a popular concept in today’s self-indulgent culture. Whatever happened to self-control?

Those who are undisciplined sexually before marriage and willing to compromise convictions before marriage are not going to have “a wedding ring make them disciplined after marriage,” said Luck. Many find that sex before marriage is acceptable today, but this in an expression of self-deception. It goes all the way back to the garden, when a certain character asked Adam and Eve: “Did God really say that?” Christians singles are often listening to the voice that says, “Eat and have your eyes opened.”

We need to believe God knows better than the sex-saturated culture that engulfs us. We need to trust Him in all areas of our lives, and that includes the bedroom. I need to practice what I blog about, right? So, yeah, my husband and I waited until we got married before being intimate. I wasn’t pure when I married him, however, as I didn’t find faith in Christ until I was 25 years old. But I wanted to do it right when I finally found the man I was to marry. And with God’s help, I did. With God’s help, I’ve been married for 23 years now, faithfully, and it was worth it. God’s ways are always worth it!