Circumstances Don’t Define You

Woman accusedTo know yourself and who you really are is the key to experiencing life the way God wants you to. But there are all these things pulling at us, telling us who we are…. an employee, a mother, a father, an uncle or sister, a boss or an owner, etc. Then we fall into what we “do” as our identity.

Circumstances can also become our identity. This causes us to simply get into “survival mode” where we need someone to approve of us, make us feel good enough, or to love us. It’s easy to get locked into our circumstances, and then that becomes our identity!

This is why the fear of man is so widespread. We’re self-conscious, self-centered, self-preserving, self-defending, self-sufficient. But we’re called to deny ourselves! We were never created for ourselves, but for the image of God! The reason we’re here is to manifest the glory of God — the reason we’re alive — to look like Him, His sons and daughters. We need to be walking out our birthright!

Don’t let life be about how you’re doing; let it be how you’re BEING. Get alone with Jesus and start agreeing with these truths, start thanking Him, realizing it’s the reason you’re alive!

(These thoughts were inspired by the Power and Love Conferences.)