How You Think Changes Everything

We live in an age of confusion – no one really knows how to define truth, so it simply isn’t defined. I mean, after all, who really has the corner on truth? What is true for you is not true for me, and who are you to tell me how I should live my life? You stay in your corner with your truth, and I will stay in mine. That’s tolerance, that’s kindness, that will create peace… or will it? What happens when my truth collides with yours… where is the peace then?

Who has time to even think about this stuff? In our fast-paced American culture, where busyness rules, it’s hard to stop and think about things that greatly affect our lives. Who has time to really think? But I want to challenge you, if we fail to think about the times in which we live, we fail to truly live. So the question is… how do we think? We need to think — divinely.