A “fruit” of the Spirit I’ve misunderstood

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I’ve greatly misunderstood the Fruit of the Spirit of Self-Control. For years, I’ve prayed to God to give me more self-control because I’ve struggled with my weight and thought if I only had more will power, more self-discipline… as if that is what self-control consisted of: the self. Now I know better.

Jesus told us how to bear “fruit” – outward expressions of a maturing inward character – by remaining connected to Him.

In the Book of John, chapter 15, Jesus said: “I am the Vine and my Father is the gardener” (some versions say: “vineyard keeper”). As Christians, we are the “branches” grafted into God’s family though faith in Jesus, the Son of God. What branch can bear any fruit if it is cut off? None. What branch actually produces more fruit if it is properly pruned? All. Apart from the Vine (Jesus), the branch (believers) will wither and die. It will not produce anything. And this is the metaphor Jesus used to teach His disciples about relationship.

I was invited to guest blog on a friend’s site (Jennifer King), so please click on the link to read the rest of my research on self-control here.