We were never created to “Need” love, we were created to “Be” love.

We were created in the image of God. You are called to represent God on Earth! Wow. What is that supposed to look like? Two arms, legs and a head? No, being in the image of God is speaking about the divine nature of God—it’s primarily love. God is love, and we’re told to […]

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Circumstances Don’t Define You

To know yourself and who you really are is the key to experiencing life the way God wants you to. But there are all these things pulling at us, telling us who we are…. an employee, a mother, a father, an uncle or sister, a boss or an owner, etc. Then we fall into […]

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Overcomers are Thinkers!

We are pressured into becoming mostly mindless, sensate, desire-fulfilling creatures of instinct. That’s how we are often expected to live and move and have our being. But one of the dignifying features of theism, and Christian theism specifically, is the acknowledgement that human beings are “more than” what our society pressures us into being. […]

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What is Divine Thinking?

How do you “think divinely?” As a Christian, it first starts with your identity. You need to really get who you are in Christ before you can get your thinking right. (If you’re a seeker, or a skeptic, then you should keep an open mind and continue reading.)

In theological terms (a.k.a. “religious” terms), our […]

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Don’t Try to Figure it Out

I once read an article about the longevity of people who made it into their 90s. There was one quote that stuck with me because it disturbed me. One of the elderly gentleman interviewed was asked the meaning of life. His response was, “Don’t try to figure it all out.” WHAT? Don’t try to […]

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