I Matter… to Him

Me HandsSometimes I feel the weight of the world
When I peer into its past
And learn about those who
Have gone before me last

Pondering the mysteries of life
Of which we must contend
Counting my days get shorter
Knowing now this life will end

Growing old is just around the corner
Unlike the days of youth
When summers were forever
And love was intoxicating truth

Now I see that time is fleeting
The moments are beyond price
I should not see them waste
Or melt away like ice

This life will end as yet another
Begins that has no end
One clouded in mysteries
Too great to comprehend

Now is the only real I have
The real is ever before me
If I open my eyes wide
It is my time to be

What have I made of it so far?
What has my life meant?
If I died tomorrow
Wisely would time been spent?

Would I be remembered long
Or simply among forgotten looks
Like millions gone before
Never made the history books

But did they make it into
The Book of Life itself?
Will my name be read aloud
When pulled off God’s book shelf?

What really matters
What really matters at all?
This side of heaven
To answer the call

Fear grips my soul
Reflecting my life’s meaning
Will I matter?
Panic, silent screaming

Then I look into my husband’s eyes
And think … I matter to him.
My children’s eyes
I matter to them
My own mother’s eyes
I still matter to her

In the eyes of my family
I can see
The Lord’s eyes
And realize
I matter most to Him

by Lisa Quintana, written July 7, 2011