What is Divine Thinking?

o-POSITIVE-THINKING-facebookHow do you “think divinely?” As a Christian, it first starts with your identity. You need to really get who you are in Christ before you can get your thinking right. (If you’re a seeker, or a skeptic, then you should keep an open mind and continue reading.)

In theological terms (a.k.a. “religious” terms), our primary identity as humans on earth is to be “Image-bearers of God.” We were made in His likeness. So, what is He like? He’s a creator, for one. He created it all, and that is why we love to create things, too. He is love, and that is why He created us because love shares and is expressed. Perhaps this is why we’re so fixated on love: love stories, love songs, and love gone wrong.

We need to display who God is to the world, and each other. It’s simple. We’ve made it complicated. We are called to love God and love others. Loving God means obeying Him. To obey Him, you’ve got to know what He says, and He says it all in the Bible. So, you need to read it. There are no short cuts on that one. Read a contemporary version first, like the CEV (Contemporary English Version). Listening to the Bible is second best, but better than nothing. Christians are “people of the book,” so you have to find a way to spend time reading the Bible for yourself. Get a study Bible if you want to understand the more complicated ideas. Whatever you do, don’t skip this one!

Since we’re called to be image-bearers of God on this planet, we also need to expand His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God (KOG). It’s not a physical kingdom at this age, but a spiritual one. It is in what you might call “seed-form.” What God sows, God grows! Jesus said it’s like a mustard seed, which is one of the smallest seeds there is, and it grows into a big tree. Plants seeds of kindness, love, patience, joy, and all the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22).

We need to transform our minds. All the great advice in the world is meaningless unless you put it into practice. You transform your mind by spending time in His word, believing it for yourself, repeating it to yourself, meditating on it day and night.

The MOST important, numero uno, thing to do is to SPEND TIME WITH JESUS. How do you do that? Praying, worshipping, being quiet and listening to silence, getting away from people, and spending time in nature. You could do one of these, or all of them! Choose what suits your style. Whatever you do, you’ve got to believe He hears you even when, in that silence, you sometimes hear nothing. Keep listening, and don’t quit after a day, a week, or a month! I promise you will begin to sense thoughts and inspirations that come from the Holy Spirit. But you’ve got to believe it. The world says, “Show me and I’ll believe.” God replies, “Believe, and I’ll show you.”

Practice “thinking divinely” by: 1) knowing who you are, 2) knowing who God is, 3) being NICE to others, 4) reading His word, and 5) spending time alone with God. This is how you begin to THINK DIVINELY. Do this, and be amazed at how He works in you!