The Allure of Life’s Mysteries


015-lifes-mysteriesAs I prayed to God this morning, my thoughts turned to His mysteries. There are so many unanswered questions, and the veil of Heaven remains tightly pulled over our eyes. I thanked God for that because in having mysteries to discover, we have meaning in our lives, adventures to pursue, experiments to try, new places to investigate.


These thoughts came to me because of this fabulous conversation I had at the dinner table last night with my two beautiful gifts from God – my children. We talked about the mysteries of God and I was amazed at how they gave me answers to some of the questions I still ponder. My son said God’s ways are too big for us to ever fully understand, and I realized he was getting it – he knows a part of Heaven will hold a constant unraveling of life’s mysteries. To the question of evil, my insightful daughter mentioned how Lucifer, the most beautiful of angels God created, sinned (Isaiah 14:12-15). I struggled with why he would even want to sin being in the very presence of God Himself, and having access to all He created. Why would Lucifer chose to fall away from that, and convince a third of the angels to go with him? Why? (I would guess they didn’t know what they would become – the ugly that sin changes a being into, the grotesque and lifeless.) She simply stated “pride.” He was full of pride and wanted to be God. He wasn’t satisfied with being second. Wow. Wisdom out of the mouth of my babes!


We need to be reminded that pride, when wanting to be as God, is one of the biggest sins we could ever make. We must remain humble, servant-leaders, knowing our place.


Although I am working on getting a graduate degree defending my Christian worldview as something that doesn’t take “blind faith” to accept, I will always remember that life’s mysteries will unfold slowly, and that the Holiness of God will never stop drawing us closer to Him. The allure of life will never end! Eternity will be full of deeper revelations of who God is and how He has invited us into relationship with Him forever.


1 Co 2:9 (NLT) “… No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”