“Going Out” or “Dating”– what that means for Teens today

Today’s culture for teens is a lot harder to navigate than when I was a teen. Our society has fully embraced sexually as something to explore during your teen years, and it makes it extremely difficult for parents, like me, who try and teach their children that sexual exploration should happen between a married […]

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Millennials: the Changing Face of Future Believers

Millennials feel a huge disconnect from today’s traditional churches. The factors of access, alienation and authority are key reasons for a great exodus of youth from church. Let’s look at the changing face of future believers:

Today, there is unlimited access to other world-views because of the internet. Technology is fueling the rapid pace of […]

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Mental Diet — what should you feed your mind?

We’ve all been bombarded with diet advice from every angle conceivable. Try eating no grain, whole grain, gluten-free grain… a lot of “pain-in-the-grain” advice that confuses even the most nutritiously educated person. There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to dieting. You have to keep trying things out, and find what works for […]

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I Matter… to Him

Sometimes I feel the weight of the world
When I peer into its past
And learn about those who
Have gone before me last

Pondering the mysteries of life
Of which we must contend
Counting my days get shorter
Knowing now this life will end

Growing old is just around the corner
Unlike the days of youth
When summers were forever
And love was intoxicating truth

Now […]

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Youth Culture’s New Stars

My kids don’t even watch T.V. anymore; they’d be on YouTube instead. They have their favorite channels, and watch the “new celebrities” who are just like them – not some famous performer, but real kids doing real stuff with other kids in collaborations at times, or just commenting on a cool video game, or […]

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