Year End Thoughts from Lisa Q

Hey Everyone! I want to say “thank you” for subscribing to my blog or just reading it when I post, which has been infrequently as of late. I have been going through a spiritual “pruning,” you might call it, as the Lord has been asking me to lay some things down, to realign my motivations and draw nearer to Him.

A couple of things the Lord has asked me to lay down is my involvement in women’s ministry. For over four years, I was volunteering for Women in Apologetics (WIA), a wonderful online ministry that organizes annual apologetics conferences and helps to educate women on apologetic subjects. I was a writer, an editor, a YouTube host (not my best talent!), a board member and conference speaker. I am grateful for that time working with women who love Jesus and want to make Him known. But I sensed God was asking me to move on, and to focus on my ministry job at my local church. So, I said farewell to WIA this past October.

WIA’s 1st annual apologetics conference with some of the featured speakers. (I’m in the back, middle.)

Back in January of 2020, a part-time position opened up at my church as the Women’s Ministry Associate. There I worked with the women’s pastor, helping to organize events. I did this for about two years, yet my heart desired more. I did enjoy women’s ministry, but I knew that was not where I wanted to stay. I mean, I have a Master’s degree in Apologetics, and felt that God wanted to use my education to help others.

One of my favorites verses in the Bible is found in Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” My greatest delight in this world is knowing God and being known by Him. I have found that when you delight in Him, He often realigns your desires. He’s done that with me! Heaven knows I would have never guessed that in my 50’s, I would be a Christian Apologist! Yet, He knew I would find the intellectual vigor of this field not only fascinating but it would awaken my mind to loving Him in ways that simply take my breath away! I have come to see God as so much bigger than I could ever imagine. He is beyond my finite thinking and the more I learn, the more I want to fall down on my knees in worship.

As I worked alongside the women’s pastor at my church, I struggled. It was another time of pruning, as God was clipping away at pride and teaching me to humbly serve. The Lord is always in the “soul-making process,” and is more interested in my character than my success. I was all about being a success – building an online platform, desiring to get a book contract, wanting to make a large impact in the Kingdom of God. These are not bad things, but the Lord showed me that He doesn’t “need” me to do any of these things. What He wants is me – an intimate, loving relationship with my Creator.

When I was a young believer, I only cared about that. I spent hours just reading the Bible to get to know Jesus more! Those first few years my heart was drawn into deep relationship with God. But then life happened. I got married, had kids, got busy. I always went to church and stayed in leadership roles in small groups, etc., but I drifted from my first love. It was not that I did not love God, as I have always loved Him, but my priorities divided. My energy levels were lower — motherhood will do that to you.

In retrospect, I reflect on the wisdom in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Raising kids is a season. My energies divided. I know God sees my heart and knows even when I was exhausted, I never hardened my heart against Him. I just did not have the time I did as a new believer, spending hours in His Word.

As my kids got older, I began praying about what to do when the season ended. I did not want to go back into reporting or public affairs. I heard you should do what you’re most passionate about, and for me, that was God. I wanted to serve Him! So, I went back to college, and spent the next 8 years studying, earning an AA degree in Biblical studies and then earning a Masters.

That is when I got influenced by all things apologetics. Going to Biola, the number one-rated university for apologetics, I was educated by the “rock stars” in the field: J.P. Moreland, Sean McDowell, William Lane Craig, J. Warner Wallace, and many more amazing professors! All these guys put emphasis on getting online to counter arguments against Christianity. Thus, I began this blog, started a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Graduation Day 2017 – pictured with Dr. Sean McDowell and my friend, Kimberly.

I strived for years trying to get more followers, speaking engagements, and make myself known as a woman apologist. All good things, yes, but I was a hamster on a hamster wheel – going round and round getting nowhere, at least in my eyes. That’s when God began changing the desires of my heart.

I felt like I was photo-bombing – did not feel “in league” with these
heavy-weights of apologetics.

For me, God has not sent me to the masses. Instead, He has asked me to focus on the immediate circle of influence He’s given me at my local church. After some humbling pruning years in women’s ministry, the Lord opened doors for me, and I got promoted to lead instructor over School of the Bible and Christian Life College, Madison. I am thrilled at this opportunity! It is taking a lot of my energy, but this time (wiser for the wear), I will cultivate Christ in my life, making Him my first priority over all things.

What does this mean for my online ministry? Not much change. I will still blog and be a part of social media, but to a lesser extent. I do love to write, so the blogging will be what I focus on, with a desire to one day write a book, if God so leads.

Thank you, again, for following Think Divinely, and perhaps reading this blog to the end. (I can get a bit long-winded!) We have so much to contemplate and reflect on during this season. May you have a blessed Christmas and happy 2023!


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