Today’s Social Revolution

Seems like every age has some kind of revolution. In the 1500s, it was a religious revolution, from Catholicism to Protestantism. In the following years, from the 1600s to the 1700s, it was a monarchial revolution; no longer Kings being the rulers. This naturally led to a revolution of liberty, roughly from the 1800s […]

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I Matter… to Him

Sometimes I feel the weight of the world
When I peer into its past
And learn about those who
Have gone before me last

Pondering the mysteries of life
Of which we must contend
Counting my days get shorter
Knowing now this life will end

Growing old is just around the corner
Unlike the days of youth
When summers were forever
And love was intoxicating truth

Now […]

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Grocery Store Date Night

I’ve heard one too many times that the married life gets boring, and dates end up being spent Saturday nights at the grocery store, like this is some horrid thing. Well, guess what? I spent last Saturday night at the grocery store with my hubby of 23 years and frankly, I found it quite […]

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