Grocery Store Date Night

I’ve heard one too many times that the married life gets boring, and dates end up being spent Saturday nights at the grocery store, like this is some horrid thing. Well, guess what? I spent last Saturday night at the grocery store with my hubby of 23 years and frankly, I found it quite romantic. He wanted to be with me, and chose to walk the aisles of stacked food alongside me so I wouldn’t be alone. He was helpful in picking out certain items we needed, and was just so cute as he looked down each aisle trying to find me again after hunting for doggie treats. I couldn’t help but kiss him right then, in front of the boxes of crackers, because he made me feel loved simply by being with me. I noticed, at that moment, another couple glancing our way as we chuckled when I put my arm around his neck. Did they recognize our open love? Did they long for the joy we shared? Did they notice our middle-age? Yes, we’re enjoying each other even with our graying hair, sagging bodies, and laugh lines.

There is a comfort in our relationship now, and a deep knowing. We’ve been through births and deaths together, having seen each other at our best and at our absolute worst. We chose to stay put; the grass in not greener on the other side. That’s a lie. When you marry your best friend, it’s the companionship that lasts, not the hot sex. Yeah, we’ve had those moments, too, but what we really cherish is just being close, at home or a nice restaurant. It doesn’t really matter where we are as long as we’re with each other.

I’d take a date with my hubby at the grocery store any day of the week.