Conspiracy Theories: 5 tips to help evaluate claims

Conspiracy theories are circulating the internet today like whirlpools in the vast sea... here's how to know when you're being duped.

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How To Read the Bible Differently

Over the years, how you study the Bible should change as you mature in your faith. Here's how I read my Bible...

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Christians Should be Leading the Environmental Movement – sources to help

Christians should be leading the environmental movement - the reason behind this & sources to help

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The Silent Sabbath: the day Jesus descended into Sheol

Why didn’t the Father raise Jesus from the dead right away? Why is there a day between?

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The Beautiful Side of Ugly

Some say that beauty is evidence that God exists.

Beauty grips us all. It floods our thoughts with enchantment and fascination. It attracts us. As we contemplate it, we are drawn to the goodness it seems to represent. If we think more about it, we can discover that it contains truth, and hopefully we will […]

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