The Beautiful Side of Ugly

Some say that beauty is evidence that God exists.

Beauty grips us all. It floods our thoughts with enchantment and fascination. It attracts us. As we contemplate it, we are drawn to the goodness it seems to represent. If we think more about it, we can discover that it contains truth, and hopefully we will […]

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Another Article on the Coronavirus? Yup.

When crisis like the Coronavirus hits, there is a lot of finger pointing that goes on towards God. This blog attempts to set the record straight.

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A ‘No Bones’ Defense of the Resurrection

When defending the truth of the Christian faith, did you know that the Resurrection is not something you just need to believe? It's based on facts.

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What IS Woman? A Christian Perspective

There is a lot of confusion today about gender in secular society. But traditional Christianity has something to say about that...

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Why Can’t I Sense God?

The divine hiddenness of God is an argument for some who claim God is not real - they struggle with faith. It's a struggle at times, too, for those who believe...

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