Mary Sits at Jesus’ Feet —

This post is not meant to promote some feminist ideology but to show that there is a major point often missed in this very famous passage of Scripture...

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Alleged Bible Contradictions

Many claim that the Bible is written by men describing myths and is full of errors.... is that true?

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A Newly Approved Religion: The Satanic Temple

The intent of this newly recognized "religion" is to challenge Christian symbols, like displays of the Ten Commandments (in Arkansas), the teaching of religion in public schools (where does that even happen today?), and to target some pubic figures who are Christians.

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Babylon – a lesson from His Story

Today, we see people veering so far off from God's will that Christians can get discouraged. But fear not! God's will prevails, just as it did in Babylon.

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My Favorite Argument for the Existence of God

This argument is a good one for the existence of a Creator, and it naturally leads to arguing who that Creator might be?

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