Politics ‘Schmallitics’ – let’s stop drinking from the wrong cup!

waterWhen it comes to politics, this is a hard one to figure out: what’s the real truth? It seems like all politicians do these days is fight and break promises. I don’t even like watching t.v. or reading the news anymore because of it. Nevertheless, I must keep informed to a certain extent. I need to know what is happening in the world and how it could affect me and those I love. I also need to see the news as an opportunity to pray for conditions that merit it, like natural disasters when people are in deep need. I can’t just stick my head in the sand, and go about my little life like nothing matters! I’m a Christian and therefore, I am called to be a light in dark places, even when I don’t want to go into those dark places. I am reminded that I never go alone. God promises He will be with us to the end. So, go I must.

But politics? How does God call us to act in that mess? I honestly don’t know, other than the what the Bible says. It says all governmental authority has been ordained by Him (Rom. 13:1), even the bad ones. That doesn’t seem right! Why would God allow a guy like the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, for example, to be in authority? If I lived in that country, I’d be subject to that dictator! Why God allows guys like that to be in charge is a great mystery to me.

What about the last U.S. Presidential election? I heard more of my friends say stuff like “it’s a decision between the lesser of two evils,” or “I’ve got to vote for who will do the least amount of damage,” and statements of that sort. Heaven only knows what the next presidential election might bring!

So, what is a Christian to do about politics, voting and government involvement? I can tell you what I think you shouldn’t do: become too far left or too far right. I have friends on both sides of the fence, and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty! Some of my Christian friends think the Republican Party is completely Christian; as if this political party ascribes to all the moral values the Bible teaches. I hate to inform you, but it doesn’t! Then I have some Christian friends who are so far left, that if “bleeding heart liberal” was a literal thing, surely they’d bleed out! Honestly, neither party has all the answers. Government is designed to keep restraints on evil within society, but it’s not going to solve the world’s problems. Still, we need to participate in voting, even if it’s a “bitter cup,” and pray for our leaders.

Some cups we drink from simply are the wrong ones! Today in church, Pastor Andrew spoke about “cups” we drink from and how they influence us. Do we drink from the cup of the world (a.k.a poltics), the cup of self (it’s all about me), or the cup of the Lord? He reminded us that we need to drink deeply from the cup of the Lord, the One who is “Living Water.” When we do this by spending time with Him, Jesus promises us that “rivers of living water will flow from within,” (John 7:38). I want that kind of water, don’t you?

So though the world spin like crazy around us, with political bashings, threats of wars, concerns of not having enough, remember to go to the Well of God, drink deeply, and let the river flow from within you!

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  1. Mario Quintana March 3, 2015