10 Global Crises: could this really be the End Times?

I’ve been one of those Christians who have hesitated to jump on the “End Times Bandwagon” until recently. I got convicted by God to be like the people of Issachar who, “understood the times and knew what the people of God should do” (1 Chronicles 12:32).

This recent report is what tipped the scales of […]

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Put God Back in Schools— but Whose God?

Many Christians are quick to tout slogans like “Put God back in our schools!” or “Take prayer out of schools, and problems get huge!” and other similar sayings. But think this through… whose God gets put back into our public schools? Since we live in a pluralistic society, if you put Jesus Christ back […]

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The Thoughtlessness of Relativism

It’s mainstream in our culture to hear people say things like “you have your truth, and I have mine,” or “there is no one right way, there are many.” This is relativism. On the surface, it sounds kind and tolerant, but if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that although this idea is broadly accepted, […]

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