Does Christianity Oppress Women? How biases influence views

Many women I have encountered over the years perceive the Christian faith as one that oppresses women. Some will not even consider Christianity as a reasonable religion to place their faith in because of this presupposition. Is this a fair assumption? These prejudices do exist, yet I will show that they stem from a […]

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The Demise of Western Civilization – a historical perspective

Another murderous attack against students at an American high school… too many of these horrific events have occurred in the past decade. As a parent of a high school teen, I wonder when will it come to our town? Everyone is asking. “Why is this happening?” The answer is not simple, but may I […]

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The Thoughtlessness of Relativism

It’s mainstream in our culture to hear people say things like “you have your truth, and I have mine,” or “there is no one right way, there are many.” This is relativism. On the surface, it sounds kind and tolerant, but if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that although this idea is broadly accepted, […]

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Miracles Do Happen

The most common objection to the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that miracles are impossible. A miracle is a supernatural event that can’t be explained by natural laws (science) because it transcends those laws. Since the resurrection was a miracle, trying to explain it scientifically won’t work. There are good reasons to believe this […]

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Jesus’ Resurrection was NOT a Mass Hallucination

We’ve all heard of hallucinations; maybe even experienced one ourselves. We wake from a bad dream, and for an instant a shadowy figure seems to be in our room. Maybe a chronic migraine caused you to see intense colors or hear strange noises. Perhaps in your deep despair over the sudden loss of a […]

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