I wonder what I am doing
In this field of argument
In this field of debate
In this field of division

I stand in this field of apologetics
With a poet’s heart
And this heart bleeds

A poet’s heart bleeds
Violently at times 
In a world that has turned away 
From the lens of truth 

A poet’s heart feels so deeply that it
Crushes down
In a sea of voices

A poet’s heart seeks meaning
In a world that claims
There is no final meaning
Just our own, isolated,
Solitary elucidation 


There is no thread that binds humanity together?  
These voices are mistaken
For they do not see God
Weaving human hearts together 
Through Jesus
Who left us with the holiest of gifts 
The Holy Spirit

A poet’s heart knows
The Spirit of Jesus entwines
Souls of believers
Becoming His Bride 
Wearing white, woven together 
In the purest of pure
Love sacrificed 

Love is the best apologetic
It cannot be stuffed into science scopes
Nor will it be measured biochemically
It is the sustaining force
Of the Universe
God is Love 

—1 John 4:8