Boundaries for Social Media Etiquette

Are there any boundaries for Social Media – really? Not really, but if you want to save your reputation in the long-run, you’d be wise to follow these suggestions by blogger Frank Powell of faithit:

  1. Don’t allow LIKES to validate your identity; only God should do that. LIKES can become addictive, so be attentive to your moods and don’t allow your identity to come from how many followers or likes you have.
  2. Would I say it to someone face-to-face? Social media tempts cowards to be demeaning, or bullying which is its biggest drawback. So, this should be your rule: if you wouldn’t say it face-to-face, don’t say it at all.
  3. Am I posting when I should be taking action? Good content is awesome, but back it up with action. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. Action changes lives. Another danger of social media is that it lulls you into believing that talking about an issue and acting on it are equals. They’re not.
  4. Is social media amplifying my frustration(s)? Stay away from social media if you are discontent, frustrated, or upset. Social media only amplifies these problems—and social media often creates them! Get alone with God, and allow Him to cultivate a better attitude within you by renewing your spirit.
  5. Will your post add something to the conversation? Don’t feel you have to comment on everything. Comment when you’ve got something that builds up, glorifies God or encourages someone.

Remember  this: everything we say and do must bring glory to God, including our posts on social media.