Praying for Physical Healing: Thinking Divinely in Action

Jesus healed people all the time in his ministry on earth, and then trained his disciples to do the same, and they did (Act. 5:14-16). The apostles were operating in such anointing, it was said that people brought their sick to be close to Peter so at least his shadow might fall on them! Did his shadow heal people? No, it was the Holy Spirit dwelling within the apostles, who walked in the full authority of Jesus Christ, who healed the people! They got it—they knew where their identities lay, and it was in being Sons and Daughters of God.

Chris Gore, Bethel Church
Chris Gore, Bethel Church

Chris Gore, director of healing ministries at Bethel Church in Redding, California, gets it, too. He knows who he is in Christ, and leads others in teaching and training to walk in the authority that the first century apostles walked in—that Christ is living within them through the Spirit.

Gore came to Madison, Wisconsin, over the weekend of December 13th, 2014, to lead training and healing sessions at City Church, (the church I attend). Gore taught that too many people in the church have wrong thinking. They walk around believing that they are “sinners saved by grace,” and yet, he said, this is not really the point. He told us, “You are also saints indwelled by the very Spirit of God!”

If we change our perspective on who we really are, we will be more effective in the Kingdom of God, Gore insisted. He went on to share his story about how he had probably prayed for at least one-thousand people who never received a healing, but he didn’t give up. Instead, he continued to ask God for more revelation and began changing his thinking—he began to think more “divinely.” He started to recognize that it wasn’t about his prayers or technique, but it was believing Who Jesus said He was, and walking in the confidence that God is the Healer. Then miracles began to happen.

People were receiving healing from all kinds of ailments, from addictions to diseases to conception problems and more! Now Gore says he thinks Jesus wants to heal all the time, and use us just like He did the apostles in the Book of Acts. He said Jesus is in us, and we just need to “let Him out.” We need to pray with confidence that it is Christ in us, who chooses to work with us, to bring His the kingdom of heaven to earth.

Instead of touting himself as “the healer,” he taught those in attendance to walk in the authority that has been given to the Body of Christ, and pray for each other. He then had everyone lay hands on one another. He didn’t do the praying, he just instructed us to pray. All over the room, I saw people praying for all types of illnesses. Many claimed to receive healing, and some didn’t. But one thing remains—we all walked away feeling a deeper sense of who we are; instead of hanging our heads low in shame over our labels as “sinners,” Gore helped us see that because of Jesus’ blood, we need to walk with our heads held high, as “saints” because of what He did on the cross—He paid the price so we could become Sons and Daughters of God, not sinners who walk in shame. It is a more effective way to live out our Christian walk on earth, and this is thinking divinely in action!


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