Surprising Answers People Give for Calling Themselves “Christian”

Christian in name only?
Christian in name only?

Just because someone says they’re a Christian, doesn’t mean that they even understand what it’s like to be follower of Jesus Christ. Some just say it’s because that is how they were raised, or it’s because they think it’s American to be a Christian. They are “Christian in name only (CHINOs).” If you were to ask them why they are a Christian, you may find their answers lacking. Here are some:

  1. “I’m called Christian, when I wouldn’t really call myself one. I don’t know whether there are gods and goddesses or one god, so I just believe that something is out there watching over me. I’m also kind of forced into being called a Christian because of the fundamentalist Christians in my family.” Aec J.
  2. “I am not being raised as a christian at all. I have hardly been in church at all, as well. There is pretty much no Jesus in my family except for some of my family members and without my grandparents, I believe I would still be as lost as I was before I got saved,” Trey.
  3. “We grew up not going to church but if we did, we attended Catholic mass only during special occasions and funerals. I took my 1st communion and confirmation without any class, so I won’t count myself raised a Christian. My parents are not church goers, and the majority of us on the islands don’t go church, except special occasions. Other than that, we don’t enter any church (there is no such thing as read a bible to prove the priest wrong or something.. we are so not godly people; we are more like godless. :))) As I reached a young adult, I decided to check out a christian church out of curiosity-and walla! I become a firm bible believer.” The New Me.
  4. “I rejected every thing about the God stuff for my adult life until the age of 53….. then when I needed God He was there for me…… I am of The True Church (The True Christian Faith)…. I have God’s promise on that.” Shalom Y’all.
  5. “Christian because God decided.” Cheir.
  6. “Honestly, it makes much more sense to me, from a philosophical perspective, then NOT. I’ve struggled with my faith over the decades, but I’ve since gotten into Theistic Philosophy and it makes way more logical sense then atheistic philosophy (typically results in either Scientism or Materialism). I prefer Objective Morality over Utilitarianism or Consequentialism as a basis for our moral imperatives. Theism, particularly Christianity, has a much more developed sense of objective morality then secular, non-theistic belief systems. So, in a very general and overly simplified sense, I’m a Christian because it just makes sense.” John S.
  7. “I have Atheist friends who are totally okay with me, and say i am not like other Christians they have met. i believe that God gave us free will for a reason, and harassing people for their beliefs is not helping the Christian cause. a true Christian should be able to be spotted by how they act, WITHOUT having to proclaim their faith.” xnɭɟʞɹɐp.
  8. Lastly, Jason says, “I was a Christian, but now i am an atheist. I think I will become a Christian in the future…HOW DO I KNOW, RIGHT?!! Ahw gahd.”

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So, how do we know if folks really are Christian? Here are seven Biblical Marks of an Authentic Christian—these are the terms as communicated by the Savior Himself:

  1. A supreme love for Jesus Christ (Luke 14:26).
  2. A denial of self (Matt. 16:24).
  3. A deliberate choosing of the cross (Matt. 16:24).
  4. A life spent following Christ (Matt. 16:24).
  5. A fervent love for all who belong to Christ (John 13:35).
  6. And unswerving continuance in His Word (John 8:31).
  7. A forsaking of all to follow Him (Luke 14:33).

The words of the Lord Jesus Christ are clear on what it really means to be His disciple, a Christian. So, next time someone says they’re a Christian, ask them “Why?” You may be surprised at their answer.

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