Reflections on the Women in Apologetics Conference

As I sit waiting for my plane to board at LAX, I can’t help but wonder how many of those among me are Christians. Having spent the entire weekend listening to all the great evidences for the Christians faith at the Women in Apologetics (WIA) 2ndAnnual Conference, with its theme of “engaging the culture,” how can I not think about the impact the truth would have on the sea of people who currently surround me? I picture myself standing up on one of these chairs and preaching the gospel to those who have yet to hear the truth or embrace it… but I’d probably be quickly escorted out of the terminal and possibly labeled some kind of terrorist or something.

The Gospel is terrifying to those who are perishing. But it is SO much more than a “get out of hell card” free! It is life, it is hope, it is the only love that will ever satisfy, and it is the gift of forgiveness—the debt is paid—freedom is possible. And that is the cry of those who spoke this weekend…

As is now becoming tradition, WIA opened in worship, with Alisa Childers leading everyone. She was accompanied by some Biola students who played stringed instruments. It was a beautiful sound that ushered in the sweet presence of the Lord.

The first opening night, keynote speaker Michelle Tepper, RZIM itinerant speaker a chaplain of the Zacharias Institute, spoke about how the Bible is good news for women, despite those who think differently. She specifically pointed to scriptures in the Old Testament that show how God sees womenwho are often overlooked (i.e. Hagar in Gen. 16:13 who first said that God was “the God who sees”). Michelle’s whole message spoke of the freedoms Christianity gives women, especially in ancient cultures that often oppressed them. 

Tricia Scribnerof Life Givers Apologetics spoke next and gave an overview of a wide range of apologetics topics, from showing there is truth in a post-truth culture to why the Bible is a reliable historical document. 

Referred to by an attendee as a “female Indiana Jones,” Kristen Davisopened the conference on following day by showing how archaeological finds confirm the historicity of the Old Testament. She specifically focused on many details of finds that may not make the headlines but could not have been faked. It’s all the little things that add up to show that the Bible IS history! 

Those in attendance with children sent their kids off to WIA Kids to learn a bit about apologetics called, “What Should I Worship?” Throughout the day, children explored worldviews and contrasting modern objects of worship.

For the adults, there were sessions to educate women on the new spirituality, relativism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, science and faith issues, the Trinity concept, worldviews, the evidence for the Resurrection, purity, the problem of evil, and debunking cultural objections to Christian truth. Whew! That was even a lot to type, let alone attend! Suffice it to say, there was something for everyone. (I spoke on evangelism techniques, and I will blog on that next time.)

I conducted a break-out session on evangelism.

Various ministries were also represented. Logos Bible Software company was present and demonstrated fabulous Bible study helps, and the company gave away an iPad to a lucky conference attendee! Harvest House publishers was also there and gave away a bunch of books!

Last but certainly not least, Krista Bontragercapped off the event by addressing “Christian Values in Changing Times.” She focused on what it means to be made in the “Imago Dei,” or the image of God. She challenged all us to love others well, no matter where they’re at, lead them to the cross to repent and to find freedom in the loving forgiveness of God. 

I serve as the Vice Chair of Communications for WIA, and will bring you new information on next year’s event when it’s available. Women in Apologetics exists to “equip, encourage, and educate” women in Christian apologetics.


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