Immediate Solutions to Help Prevent School Shootings

My son is a Freshman at the local high school. These last school shootings in Florida have made me finally realize we can no longer afford “business as usual” if we want to protect further murdering of innocent people in public schools.

So, I called my local school district administrator and offered to be a […]

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Just Another School Shooting in America

This morning, as I got my son ready for school, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should even send Josh to the high school for fear of his life. What kind of day is it when a parent must wonder if their child is going to get shot simply for going to school?

How […]

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Is Apologetics Training “Highly Overrated”?

I recently received a comment on one of my blogs from a sincere and deeply committed Christian who stated that she saw some uses for apologetics, but said she thinks it’s “highly overrated.” She based her opinion on the understanding that Christianity is not reasonable to fallen man, since spiritual truths are spiritually discerned, […]

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Women in Apologetics 2018 Inaugural Conference “Take-Aways”

Why host an apologetics conference featuring only women presenters, one may ask? I have a single answer for that: Creativity. This past weekend, Biola University hosted the first annual Women in Apologetics Conference. Yes, there were excellent female apologists who had fabulous presentations, but what impressed me about this event was the unique approach […]

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Odd Verses that Authenticate the Bible

Skeptics have perpetuated the idea that the Bible has been transmitted so many times since its original autographs, that there is no way we can know the exact words penned by the Apostles. However, if this argument were true, then why didn’t those who transmitted the text remove the more embarrassing parts of the […]

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